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i punched a werewolf and he likedddd it. :]


Name: shannen.
Age: sixteen.
Gender: female.

3 Words to Describe you: artistic, outspoken, independent.
Positive Things about you: See above :]
Negative Things about you: I can come across as a fairly narcissistic scene kid without really intending to.
Talents: Taking photos, texting really fast, making people happy.
Weaknesses: Attractive guys. Hahaha.
Fears: Losing someone.
5 Things you like: (food, weather, things you like to do, anything) Concerts, hardcore, fashion, photography, summer evenings.
5 Things you don’t like: Winter, snow, ice, rain, driving.

Music you like: (you can list genres or artists..) Ohdearrr. I like everything from Mika to The Devil Wears Prada. I'm mostly in to the whole hardcore/screamo scene, but I like anything that catches my ear. Just not country.
Favorite Movies: The Dark Knight, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Across the Universe, West Side Story.
Favorite Places: (cities, countries, ect.) Northampton, MA. :] And I would really like to go to Japan sometime.
Do you like being spoiled?: (as in.. Does people spending money on you, bother you?) It depends. I don't mind when my family spends money on me, but I can't accept money from friends without feeling really bad.
Do you have a high self-esteem or a low self-esteem?: High, for the most part. I hope I don't sound cocky. D:

On Relationships.

If you could create your dream guy/girl..
What would their eye color be? Dark anything. :]
What would their hair color be?: Dark brown.
What would be their age range?: Eighteen-ish.
What would their height be?: (you don’t have to be specific. Tall/short/normal would be just fine.) Taller than me since for a girl, I'm quite tall.
What would their body build be like?: (the answers for this will obviously be different between guys and girls. For example a guy could be muscular or lanky or a girl could be curvy or slender.) OH MY GOSH, lankyyy. Yes. :]

What type of people do you usually fall for?: Longer haired (not like gross, ponytail thing...I'm talking the whole like emo hair thing. lovethattt), rocker/skater type guys. I also tend to go for the whole tragic past or whatever. I like comforting attractive people, haha.

When it comes to relationships list the following words in importance.. (from most important to least)
Beauty (appearance)
Popularity (this just means.. how well liked they are by people- we’re not talking cheerleaders in highschool here.)

Personality and Beauty are tied. (cuz beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart)

For each This or That question, Choose the Trait that Appeals to You In People..
Reserved or Outgoing: Outgoing.
Loud or Quiet: Loud-ish...Not obnoxious.
Timid or Flirty: Flirty.
Strange or Normal: A lovely ballance would be great.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Pessimist. Opposites attract. :]
Over Dramatic or Easy Going: Easy going.
Dark and Witty or Sunny and Happy: Dark and witty.
Head in the Clouds or Down to Earth: Down to earth. Again, opposites attract.
Risky or Safe: Risky.
Sweet or Edgy: BOTH. haha.
Sophisticated or Laid-Back: Laidback.
Someone who thinks with their head or heart: Heart.
Mature or Immature: Mature but not all srsbiznz.
Stubborn or Easy to Persuade: Stubborn.
Intelligent or Average: (average meaning not completely brainy.. Just normal) Hidden intelligence is always nice. :] Like you'd never know until you talked to them.
Bookworm or Party Animal: (meaning would you rather have someone who would rather stay at home and chillax there or someone who always wants to go out and have a good time.) Oh. Both. Haha. :]

Situation Questions.

1. You really like somebody but you know you can’t be with them (wether its because your family hates them and won’t let you see them or they wouldn’t fit your lifestyle or some other realistic reason..) would you continue trying to make it work with them or would you break it off and move on?
I'd move on, definitely. I'd still probably keep in touch since they didn't do anything wrong, but it's not like I'm going to be crying over him just because I can't be romantically involved with him.

2. Would you risk your partners happiness for your own?
Yeah. I'm pretty sure I would. I really hate seeing people that are close to me sad.

3. You’re in love with somebody but they’re in love with someone else. How would you react to that? Would you try to win them over or would you pull yourself together and move on?
I'd be like "Oh damn" for a few days, but ulitmately I'd get over it.

4. Do you tend to change yourself for people? (In other words: If you’re nothing like the person you’re trying to be with would you change yourself in anyway to be with them? And no.. Im not talking about becoming a vampire so you can spend an eternity with your vampire-sweetheart.)
Oh god, no. I mean, I guess it happens unconciously or something but it's not like I'm going to outwardly decide that I am going to change completely just so I can be with him or whatever. I like who I am, and if they don't, that's their issue.

5. Describe your dream date.
I guess going to a show of a band we both enjoy would be pretty epic. Either that or just walking around town, flirting and talking and whatnot. :]

6. Would you rather be out and about with your partner or would you rather be stay at home.
Out and about, definitely! I'd get bored.

On Twilight.

Character you relate most to Alice.
Character you can't relate to Bella.
Favorite Book in the series and why Breaking Dawn. I loved all the plot twists and really bizarre occurances that happened.

If you could choose one character that you wish would have done something in the series differently, who would that be? And what would you make them do differently?
I'd make Bella seem a bit more realistic. I mean, she totally comes across as a Mary-Sue, especially after she's transformed...And...Idk. Her character is just too cliche'd. :/

If you could be one character for a day, which character would you be?
Alice. In terms of personality, we are very similar.

Before we stamp you.

Do you want to be paired with a male, female, or ether?
Male, preferably.

Is there any specific group you want to be paired with? (vampire, werewolf, human?)

Young characters (teenagers/young adults), Older characters (the parents), or ether?
Younger, plz. :]

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