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I punched a warewolf... and he punched me right back.

Name: Melissa
Age: 15
Gender: Female

3 Words to Describe you: Unique, happy, impulsive.
Positive Things about you: Humorous, spontanious, caring, selfless and jubilant.
Negative Things about you: I have a short attention span and can get distracted easily. I'm sometimes childish and I laugh at pretty much anything. I get pissed off with bad grammar to a point where I literally growl out loud.
Talents: People say I can sing. I draw, too :) but it takes forevah to finish.
Weaknesses: candy, homeless people and people who pout their ass off to get what they want.
Fears: Fire and low airplanes (I freak out)
5 Things you like: Cartoons, music, acting and writing.
5 Things you don’t like: crying babies, racism, bullies, homophobic people and bugs.

Music you like: My taste is very eclectic. It's like iTunes threw up in there!
Favorite Movies: Dude, where's my car?, anything with Adam Sandler, Will smith and Chris Rock. I love fight club with a fiery passion.
Favorite Places: America. I love NY, Miami and Chicago.
Do you have a high self-esteem or a low self-esteem?: Not low, but not high enough so that people think I love myself.

Are You..
Mature or Immature: Mostly immature, but I turn into the mature, calm one when everybody else freaks out.
Laid-Back or Sophisticated: I'm so laid back I'm on the ground.
Over Dramatic or Easy Going: Easy Going
Holds Grudges or Forgives Easy: I forgive easily, unless somebody walks out of my life willingly.
Intimidating or Friendly: Friendly
Reserved or Outgoing: Outgoing
Risky or Safe: Risky
Foolish or Smart:(Not meaning intelligence. This would mean, for example, would you ridea bike off a cliff if you’ve seen someone else do it or would you thinkit through and realize that doing that could get yourself hurt.) Foolish
Calm and Collected or Crazy and Wild: I'd say crazy and wild until I have to be calm.
Dark and Witty or Sunny and Humorous: Sunny & Humorous

On Relationships.

If you could create your dream guy/girl..
What would their eye color be? Green is my favorite, but it doesn't matter.
What would their hair color be?: Dark.
What would be their age range?: Older than me (but not too old!)
What would their height be?: Taller than me
What would their body build be like?: Muscles, but not like those nasty ass body builders with all the veins.

What type of people do you usually fall for?: Anybody who can make me laugh. They're usually the jokers with soft hearts.
When it comes to relationships list the following words in importance..
Intelligence - 2
Wealth - 4
Beauty - 3
Personality - 1
Popularity - 5

For each This or That question, Choose the Trait that Appeals to You In People..
Reserved or Outgoing:
Loud or Quiet: Loud but knows when to shut up.
Timid or Flirty: Flirty
Strange or Normal: In between :)
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic, like me.
Over Dramatic or Easy Going: Easy Going
Dark and Witty or Sunny and Happy: Sunny and happy
Head in the Clouds or Down to Earth: Down to Earth
Risky or Safe: risky, but will keep me safe.
Sweet or Edgy: Sweet
Sophisticated or Laid-Back: Laid-back
Someone who thinks with their head or heart: Heart
Mature or Immature: Immature, but mature enough to stop me from being so immature (if that makes sense!)
Stubborn or Easy to Persuade: Both! I like to have a challenge sometimes!
Intelligent or Average: Average!
Bookworm or Party Animal: Both

Situation Questions.

1. You really like somebody but you know you can’t be with them (wether its because your family hates them and won’t let you see them or they wouldn’t fit your lifestyle or some other realistic reason..) would you continue trying to make it work with them or would you break it off and move on?
To be honest, I'd probably move on... but if I knew that this person was worth fighting for, I'd fly in face first and fight like a wild animal *laughs*

2. Would you risk your partners happiness for your own?
No. Never in a million years.

3. You’re in love with somebody but they’re in love with someone else. How would you react to that? Would you try to win them over or would you pull yourself together and move on?
I'd move on without a fight, since they probably weren't meant for me to begin with.

4. Do you tend to change yourself for people?
Nope. I've never changed myself for a single person in my life. If they can't exept me, it's their problem.

5. Describe your dream date.
I'd love to go to a themepark... if that counts as a date? (I'm very low-maintenance!)

6. Would you rather be out and about with your partner or would you rather be stay at home.
It wouldn't matter as long as I was with them.

Before we stamp you.

Do you want to be paired with a male, female, or ether? Male

Is there any specific group you want to be paired with? (vampire, werewolf, human?)
Young characters (teenagers/young adults), Older characters (the parents), or ether?
It doesn't bother me at all :D

Write your opinions on each of the following characters.. (what you like/hate about them, how they relate to you, anything you can think of. It doesn’t have to be much)

Bella: I don't like Bella because she ACTUALLY took Edward back in NM without a fight. I would've made the little shit sweat.
Edward: He's too overprotective and controlling.
Jacob: He's one of my favorite characters! He's funny.
Mike Newton: He's an annoying little asshat.
Jessica Stanley: I'd slap her.
Angela Weber: I'd love a friend like her, because she could bring me down to earth.
Carlisle: DILF! Lol, he's awesome.
Aro: he has that creepy, but freakin' A gramps vibe about him and I love it.
Sam Uley: He's strong and determined. I like it. He's stubborn, though.
Quil Atera: I'm kinda indifferent about our Quil.
Emily Young: I'd love to have her as a friend, she's so kind.
Leah Clearwater: She's hysterical and I think we'd get along great.

Out of the characters above pick ONE you relate to the most and describe how:
Jacob. I think that I'm as determined as he is and as loving as he is. He has a massive heart.

Out of all the characters in the series pick one you relate to the most and describe how:
Emmett. I like that he's so optimistic and easy-going about everything, it's just like me.

Out of all the characters in the series pick one you DISLIKE the most and explain why:
I hate Irina because she's a biotch that needed a slap.

Out of all the characters above pick one you would see yourself being friends with:
Seth, Emmett, Jake or Alice.

What is your..
Skin Tone pale
Hair Color light brown/naturally blonde
Eye Color green/blue/orange (I kid you not there's orange in my eyes)
Body Type (tall&skinny, short&chubby, ect.) 5'5, normal.

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