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I punched a werewolf and I liked it, I hope my boyfriend don't mind it


Name: Rina
Age: 19
Gender: Female

3 Words to Describe you: Imaginative, passionate, intelligent
Positive Things about you: I'm compassionate and tenacious person. I'm an eager learner and teacher and am always try to bring out the best in people. I've been told I have the talent of getting others to look at the world with fresh eyes.
Negative Things about you: I can be utterly uncompromising and darkly stubborn. I jump to conclusions, am hot-tempered and can hold a grudge like no other.
Talents: Writing, charismatic persuasion, social work, I'm also quick to pick up languages and make excellent raspberry tarts.
Weaknesses: I have a jealous streak a mile long. I tend to be hypocritical of behaviour I do myself and can be fly off the handle emotional
Fears: Losing my loved ones, heights and being alone
5 Things you like: Singing, cold weather, languages, reading and cuddling
5 Things you don’t like: Dry assignments, lack of justice, insincerity, ignorance and having no free time

Music you like: Kaizers Orchestra is ultimate ♥, Rammstein, Tom Waits, Apocalyptica, Metallica etc etc many more.
Favorite Movies: Rent, Mannen Som Elsket Yngve, Good Bye Lenin, The Godfather, Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo
Favorite Places: (cities, countries, ect.) Montreal, Berlin, Bergen, New York City, Germany, Norway, Finland, Russia. I could go on :)
Do you like being spoiled?: As in showered with gifts and money? I don't mind it to a point.
Do you have a high self-esteem or a low self-esteem?: It varies from day to day

On Relationships.

If you could create your dream guy/girl..
What would their eye color be? Blue or green
What would their hair color be?: Dark
What would be their age range?: 23 - 27
What would their height be?: Tall please :)
What would their body build be like?: Not overly muscular cause I find overly sculpted guys kinda creepy. But strong, he has to give good hugs :)

What type of people do you usually fall for?: Intelligent, humorous, kind hearted, someone who knows how to treat a lady right.

When it comes to relationships list the following words in importance.. (from most important to least)

For each This or That question, Choose the Trait that Appeals to You In People..

I can tell you I'm not a black and white person so some of these will be a little more grey than the question states.

Reserved or Outgoing: Friendly and open towards others to a point
Loud or Quiet: Quiet but not a doormat.
Timid or Flirty: Flirty
Strange or Normal: Strange. Normal people are dull.
Optimistic or Pessimistic: Optimistic
Over Dramatic or Easy Going: Easy going
Dark and Witty or Sunny and Happy: Dark and witty
Head in the Clouds or Down to Earth: Down to earth but able to imagine
Risky or Safe: There can be risk with security. I like coming home to something steadfast and comforting but I love a rush too. Safety between the two of us, and a little risk against the world
Sweet or Edgy: Sweet with an edge
Sophisticated or Laid-Back: Laid-back
Someone who thinks with their head or heart: Someone who knows when to use them both depending on the situation. The heart is erratic but just using your head is cold.
Mature or Immature: Mature, cannot stress this enough. I love a sense of humour but cannot stand blatant immaturity
Stubborn or Easy to Persuade: Someone who can handle my own stubbornness (or diffuse it) but not overtake it.
Intelligent or Average: Intelligent
Bookworm or Party Animal: Someone who's happy to sit at home and snuggle on the couch and read a book sounds good to me.

Situation Questions.

1. You really like somebody but you know you can’t be with them (wether its because your family hates them and won’t let you see them or they wouldn’t fit your lifestyle or some other realistic reason..) would you continue trying to make it work with them or would you break it off and move on? I would try my hardest to make it work

2. Would you risk your partners happiness for your own? No

3. You’re in love with somebody but they’re in love with someone else. How would you react to that? Would you try to win them over or would you pull yourself together and move on? If they were single and in love with someone else then yes, I would turn up the charm and see where it goes. If it isn't meant to be though I would push it too hard. Especially if they're with that person they love. I'm no cold hearted boyfriend stealer.

4. Do you tend to change yourself for people? Absolutely not. Take me as I am or don't take a thing.

5. Describe your dream date. Something low key and relaxed. It doesn't matter much to me as long as I'm spending time with them. But live music is always fun with a stint in a cozy pub afterwards.

6. Would you rather be out and about with your partner or would you rather be stay at home. It depends on my mood really.

On Twilight.

Character you relate most to Esme and Alice
Character you can't relate to Jessica.
Favorite Book in the series and why Twilight

If you could choose one character that you wish would have done something in the series differently, who would that be? And what would you make them do differently? Bella's moping period in New Moon. I understand the whole vampire magnetism thing and that breaking up sucks but after so many months I kinda wanted to slap her upside the head and tell her to move on with her life. And Edward you sparkling immortal idiot, why did you pull a Spiderman on her? Gah! xD
If you could be one character for a day, which character would you be? Esme or Alice

Before we stamp you.

Do you want to be paired with a male, female, or ether? Male please

Is there any specific group you want to be paired with? (vampire, werewolf, human?) I hope I don't seem picky but I'd rather not have a human and would prefer vampires. However if fit best with a werewolf I'd take that too of course :)

Young characters (teenagers/young adults), Older characters (the parents), or ether? Either

Links to three other apps you voted on
1. http://community.livejournal.com/twilightmatch/60193.html
2. http://community.livejournal.com/twilightmatch/60484.html
3. http://community.livejournal.com/twilightmatch/60129.html

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