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So if you've read Twilight you already know whos in love with who, right? You got Edward and Bella.. Carlisle and Esme.. oh and don't forget Jake whos a loner now but is also slightly obsessive over Bella. Sure, thats all fine and dandy. But have you ever wondered how those couples would change if you were in the Twilight world? Have you ever wondered which Twilight character would be perfect for you? Well if you have, you've stumbled upon the right place.

how it all works
What happens is you fill out an application so everyone else in the community and can read through and decide which character you match romantically with. After you get about 5 votes oohdeer will stamp you. If you don't like your match, you can repost your app after 30 days. If you do like your match and you decide to keep him/her, then you should stick around the community and continue voting for other people. And don't forget to post the stamp you get in your userinfo!

1 Flameing/Trolling will not be tolerated.
2 When voting, make sure to bold the name of the character.
3 Make sure you save your banners to your own browser.
4 All Apps must be places under a cut
5 To prove you read the rules put "i punched a werewolf" somewhere in your subject line.
6 If you wish to repost your app and see if the character you are matched with is different, then you must wait 30 days before reposting.
7 You will not be stamped until you post 3 links to other people you have voted on in your app.
8 Try to vote as honestly as possible, and don't put a character down just because the person above you has. Unless you have read through the app and decided on you own.
9 If you have any questions/comments post them here and I'll get to you a.s.a.p.
10 When voting, please note what gender the person wants to be matched with. Its the thrid-to-bottom question on the romance app.
11 This is more of a request than a rule, but please stick around even after you get stamped and vote for other newcomers to the community. The only way to keep a stamping community alive is to have other members to do the voting.
12 As you may have noticed, the application does not ask for pictures. This is because a photo of yourself is unnessisary when decideing what character you would be with rather than what characters you relate to. You can post pictures of yourself if you want but as I said before, they are uneeded.


any questions on the application alone can be asked here.

character list
♥Bella Swan
♥Edward Cullen
♥Jacob Black
♥Alice Cullen
♥Carlisle Cullen
♥Emmett Cullen
♥Jasper Hale
♥Rosalie Hale
♥Esme Cullen
♥Billy Black
♥Sam Uley
♥Emily Young
♥Leah Clearwater
♥Embry Call
♥Quil Ateara
♥Charlie Swan
♥Renee Dwyer
♥Angela Weber
♥Mike Newton
♥Jessica Stanley
♥Lauren Mallory
♥Ben Cheney
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if you want to become an affilate make a post here.


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